iCHai Mission

iCHai provides strategic, tactical, and program management services to social enterprise initiatives to help ensure sustainability and the potential replication in other communities and countries.

  • Provide program development and management services, ranging from feasibility assessment to evaluation of program outcomes.
  • Link organizations and individuals to best practices and innovative developments, resulting in increased economic, educational, and health improvement opportunities available to global communities.
  • Create, coordinate, and maintain a network of collaborative working relationships between interdisciplinary service providers, and business interests and in-country enterprises.

The desired outcome will be replicable and sustainable models that can be expanded to encompass other organizations, communities, other countries, and additional partnering organizations.


The iCHai Approach

innerCHANGE associates international (iCHai), a Limited Liability Company, works in partnership with businesses, educational and healthcare institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations and communities to develop their human resources through understanding, valuing and leveraging cultural differences.

iCHai was founded in Vienna, Austria in 1990. The overall aim of the innerCHANGE approach is to raise the level of cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity among all individuals who work in the global arena. Our company focuses on CHANGE and is built upon the belief that people from all cultures strive to work toward their full potential from their own cultural orientation.

innerCHANGE has a proven track record in attracting and retaining consulting associates with a variety of skills and expertise. iCHai associates represent a broad range of the cultural and geographic spectrum and share a passion for bridging differences across cultural divides through promoting interpersonal understanding.